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I'm Amanda

I'm a Toronto Wedding Photographer with Filipino and Chilean roots. I'm obsessed with my air fryer, musicals and dog reels on Instagram. I've been keepin' it real since 1990. 

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Before becoming a wedding photographer, I was just like you...

I had my venue booked and now it was time to book my photographer and to be honest, I struggled to find my perfect person.

I wanted someone who cared about me as a human, made me feel comfortable in front of the camera, and someone I could vibe with! I also wanted someone who answered my wedding planning questions because planning was overwhelming! And to be honest, I didn't find exactly who I wanted and so when I become a wedding photographer I focused on becoming who I needed, not only on my wedding day, but in the weeks prior.

You can learn more about how I provide stress-free experiences on my wedding photography experience page. 

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I wish I could give her more than 5 stars because she deserves all the praise. 

Her bright smile and positive attitude made our day feel even more special! My husband and I are not camera people at all as in we don’t really like to be photographed but Amanda was so professional that she put us at ease the moment we met her.

Bonnie Chow


Meet Your Second Photograper AKA My Husband Rob!

Rob is the best! He is calm, collected and ALWAYS has a smile on his face. He works full-time as a 3D Modelling Trainer with A Trimech Company and teaches companies how to get the most out of SolidWorks. He studied Industrial Design and has always dreamed of being a professor and so this role has been SO good for him.

As a photographer, Rob is really great at capturing intimate moments and details. Often times I’m very focused on the couple and the big picture but Rob will always come in and capture the rest of the story from the perspective of the guests. After shooting a wedding I always love going through his captures and I guarantee you will too!

experience page

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Searching for my wedding photographer was an overwhelming process. I had no idea where to look, how many hours I needed or how to plan my day with photography in mind. Not only that, I remember being frustrated and disappointed with how homogenous the industry was. As a woman of colour, I didn’t see myself represented in portfolios, wedding inspiration boards and more… And when I did see myself, I felt the editing was way too yellow for someone with my skin tone. It wasn’t a good feeling tbh. So when I became a photographer, I pledged to become the person I needed when I was planning my wedding. Someone who I felt comfortable with and someone who cares about representation and genuine support. 

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